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World of WoodChi

Welcome to the Whimsical World of WoodChi

Stay for a little or for a long while, whatever your mood you’ll leave with a smile!
A place for adventure and good clean fun, magic and mischief rolled into one.
So, if you look closely and take time you’ll see how very Big a Little World can be.



Where the Winds will take You

WoodChi can only be described as a conjuration flowing and teaming with life. Creator, artist and dreamweaver Lloyd Ash Pyne, has given us the esteemed privilege of being able to share with you the wealth of wonders that await in this microcosmic universe of his making.

A place where high spirits abound, you will find the wee folk that ride on the currents of wind and rolling seas, from mountain peaks and hillsides, to distant valleys and rugged plains, through marsh and moors. Down winding roads and forgotten paths that lead through wildful woods.


An Epic Adventure Awaits You!!

As part of our introduction to the World of WoodChi, we are not only inviting you to see what takes place, but to become an active participant and experience it first hand.

From its bustling beings and curious creatures, festival gatherings and seasonal celebrations, to tales around the fireside of myths, monsters and the elusive woodspookle. From kings to coalheavers and heros to highwaymen.



Are You Ready?

Grab your pencils, pens and markers as you embark on a journey to color this world. We invite you to print this webpage.

Color and share your creative talents with us, your friends and followers as you mark your first steps onward into the distant horizon for what lies ahead …


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©WoodChi is the intellectual and artistic property of Lloyd Ash Pyne. You do not have the rights to claim as your own, alter, reproduce, or sell this property.
Playing Grounded® Ltd. holds official license, marketing and distribution rights of the ©WoodChi brand. All violators of the expressed conditions above will be subject to legal action.
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