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Something’s Brewing in Woodchi

Since the success of our last Kickstarter, Lloyd Ash Pyne has been “bean” grinding away with ideas, creating a vast landscape of unprecedented proportions accompanied by a series of short, illustrated Hearthside Adventures from the Hidden Valleys of the Dragonetti in an age when old Foes are returning and new Guardians must be found to face them.

Tall Tales and Small Tales, it’s got it all!

A merry motley of misfits from different walks of life band together to traverse the terrain in a cozy little coffee house tethered to the back of a great beast. Well.. not so much a beast, as one of the illustrious Dragonetti, of song and legend. Along with their valiant riders, in days past, they were protectors of the realms and kingdoms throughout this brave little world.

Accompanied by their Dragonetti companion, these purveyors of cocoa, coffee, tea, savory soups, and assorted baked goods, meet likely folk and listen to their tales of woe and wonder. To each of these three fateful fellows is to be given a scroll from a curiously cryptic character. They’ll meet new friends and encounter new foes and lots of surprises await them, and us, as we follow along on their journey.

Where the winds will take You, epic adventure awaits, leaving You with the sweet, sweet taste of a frothy cappuccino and wanting more!!

For our (free) Woodchi coloring activity page, click here!!

©WoodChi is the intellectual and artistic property of Lloyd Ash Pyne. You can keep up with Lloyd and his progress by following him on Patreon.