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Welcoming You to the World of WoodChi

What in the World is WoodChi?

“World of WoodChi”

A fair question that deserves a fair explanation. WoodChi can only be described as a conjuration flowing and teaming with life. Creator, artist and dreamweaver Lloyd Ash Pyne, has given us the esteemed privilege of being able to share with you the wealth of wonders that await in this microcosmic universe of his making.

A place where high spirits abound, you will find the wee folk that ride on the currents of wind and rolling seas, from mountain peaks and hillsides, to distant valleys and rugged plains, through marsh and moors. Down winding roads and forgotten paths that lead through wildful woods.

 Hmm… sounds interesting, tell me more!!

As part of our introduction to a wonderful, whimsical world, we’ve posted a brand spankin’ new page, and we’ve got a few goodies in store with its debut!! The first one definitely worth addressing, Playing Grounded®Ltd., the parent company of Playing Grounded Puzzles, is introducing a World of WoodChi Coloring Series of merchandise as well as some super surprises for the future.

The second bit of noteworthy news is that the World of Woodchi web page is completely color ready. In other words, completely ready for you to color!! Follow the link www.playinggroundedpuzzles.com/world-of-woodchi/

“Hark the Bells are Ringing, Good Wishes They are Bringing!!”


“A Festival of Wishes”

We are very happy to introduce you to, three (not colored) but, “ready for you to color” gift sets as our warm welcome to the Christmas/Yuletide Season. Each set will include 4 gift tags and 1 bookmark complete with the ©WoodChi original designs.

You can give them as gifts or keep them for yourself. Better yet, why not get two of each? Two to keep and two to give. Practical, creative, and fairly priced. Perfect for a pollyanna or stocking stuffer. You can even use them to decorate. Order Here!! >>https://world-of-woodchi-holiday-coloring-collection.backerkit.com/hosted_preorders<<

  • Set one will include 4 “Hearthsgiving Holidays” gift tags and 1 bookmark, printed on heavy textured cardstock. This set coincides with our own Christmas/Yuletide holiday celebration.
  • Set two will include 4 “Celebration of the Seasons” gift tags and 1 bookmark. This set will commemorate 4 WoodChi seasonal celebrations, which also happen to coincide with some of our own.
  • Set three will include 4 “New Horizons and Seasons” gift tags and 1 bookmark. This set will also commemorate the 4 seasons and feature one of of Lloyd’s favorite illustrations New Horizons the perfect accompaniment to the beginnings of this grand adventure.
  • With the success of our latest Kickstarter we’ve added 2 NEW PRINTS!! “Elf Squad” and “Sakura Shrine Festival”
  •  All tags, bookmarks and prints will be printed on heavy linen textured cardstock.

With the coming new year we will have much more in store from the World of WoodChi. So, stay with us and we will keep you posted.

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“So join us now and you’ll see how much fun this magical coloring world will be!!”

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©WoodChi is the intellectual and artistic property of Lloyd Ash Pyne. You do not have the rights to claim as your own, alter, reproduce, or sell this property.
Playing Grounded® Ltd. holds official license, marketing and distribution rights of the ©WoodChi brand. All violators of the expressed conditions above will be subject to legal action.
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