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Tome of Taggery guide to your gift sets

December 20, 2017 Adult Coloring

2 thoughts on “Tome of Taggery guide to your gift sets

  • Barbara

    Thank you so much, Lloyd! This gift tag is beautiful! Merry Christmas to you, Eric, Lara, and all of your family!

    • playinggrounded@gmail.com

      Hi Barbara,

      Happy New Year!! You are most welcome. and thank you for your gracious glad tidings =) We’re all especially grateful for your support and appreciation of the hard work and effort that it takes to see a project through to fruition. The little extras are just our way of saying how much we appreciated that support when we needed it most. We’ve got some extra great goodness planned for 2018 that we know you’ll love <3 =)

      The very bestest,

      Eric, Lara and Lloyd

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