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Press Announcements

Update to Kickstarter: Anime Illustration by Fuzichoco

On Thursday May 20th, Playing Grounded Puzzles was able to successfully fund the production of both Altar in the Forest and Dragon King’s Daughter.

©Playing Grounded Ltd.

Having successfully funded their 2017 Fuzichoco Series Puzzle CampaignPlaying Grounded Puzzles was able to secure the funds to produce 2 more of Fuzichoco’s artworks for their puzzles.


Both Altar in the Forest and Dragon King’s Daughter have now been added to the series, with already produced Flow of Goldfish. Click link for details https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playinggrounded/limited-edition-puzzles-anime-illustration-by-fuzi?ref=user_menu.


With continued support through their Backerkit pre-order shop, https://anime-puzzles-by-fuzichoco.backerkit.com/hosted_preordersPlaying Grounded Ltd. has managed to distribute over 480 puzzles world-wide for the year 2107.

©Playing Grounded Ltd.

Playing Grounded Puzzles hopes to bring about at least 2-3 new titles to the 2018 line-up, which may include their first Into the Wild Series puzzle Golden Snub-nosed Monkey Family with the renowned wildlife photography of Thomas Marent.


For more information, contact Lara Andersen: email – pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com

Limited-Edition Puzzles: Anime Illustration by Fuzichoco

Coming to Kickstarter Tuesday April 18ththe anime-inspired illustrations of Japanese artist Fuzichoco.

©Playing Grounded Ltd.

In their first collaborative effort, Playing Grounded and Outer Limit Games will be offering two of Fuzichoco’s original works of art as Limited Edition 1000-piece puzzles.


With their first puzzle, Flow of Goldfish, already in stock, Playing Grounded will need to reach their $7000 pledge goal to produce the next in their Fuzichoco series line, Altar in the Forest.


Backers will be able to choose between a single puzzle ($36 or more pledge) and a double pack of puzzles ($69 or more pledge). Each puzzle will come with a certificate of authenticity and a full color postcard.


Fuzichoco, a graduate of the Nippon Academy of Fine Arts, has become quite popular throughout Japan. With an extensive portfolio of book and magazine cover illustrations, she has also been commissioned to work with the biggest game publishers in Japan, providing them with a plethora of card and video game art. One being the RPG video game, Fate/Grand Order based on the popular Fate/Stay Night anime series.



©Type-Moon/FGO | ©Hobby Japan/Last Chronicle

Playing Grounded proprietors, Eric and Lara Andersen and Outer Limit Games co-founder, Mike Strickland, invite everyone to join them on launch day and help spread the word through their social networks. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/playinggrounded/90586983?token=f5301928


For more information, contact Lara Andersen: email – pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com