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Press Announcements


Playing Grounded Kickstarter (TBA) Update: First Mission of 2018: 

Playing Grounded adds the original work of Adventure Time and Space Dandy artist Aymeric Kevin to their 2018 puzzle Kickstarter line-up.

Spring in Sakuragaoka by Aymeric Kevin

©Aymeric Kevin

The Moment of Discovery:

Spring in Sakuragaoka, by animation artist Aymeric Kevin, caught our attention immediately eliciting feelings of nostalgia, reminiscent of childhood exploration; the discovery of something new and being transfixed by it, wanting to know more. We’ve all had those moments of discovery when our little worlds were changed forever. As you can see by the look of wonder and amazement on the kids’ faces, Aymeric is able to capture this magical moment when a child sees something for the very first time, in this case a figure of the iconic Astro Boy sitting on a kitchen counter top. Beautifully painted with just the right dose of fun and adventure, we are thrilled to introduce Spring in Sakuragaoka as our next 1000-piece puzzle!

Who is Aymeric Kevin?

Originally from France, Aymeric Kevin (aka AYMRC) is a best known for his work as the visual development artist and background director for the cult classic  Space Dandy (from the creator of Cowboy Bebop), the hugely popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and the award winning Ping Pong the Animation. A graduate of the top rated college of animation, Gobelins School of Images in France, Aymeric is highly respected by the professional animation and artist community worldwide. He is currently the senior artist at Riot Games.

We are once again honored to have the opportunity to work with such a talented and accredited artist as AYMRC as well as adding Spring in Sakuragaoka to our list of perspective titles for this year.