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Flow of Goldfish Celestial Celebration Puzzle


“A Celestial Celebration “

With a quizzical expression drawn across her face the young woman asks, “How do you propose to accomplish that? I’d really like to see how you can pull that one off.” “Wait just a second!” said the dapper gent as he disappeared behind the alcove. She could hear some rustling in the back as the rain continued to pound outside.


“Balloons, Banners, and Streamers Galore, Goldfish, Lanterns, Statues, and More”

Moments later he emerged again with a box in his hand. He placed it on the table and said, “There you are, a vacation tailor-made just for you!  I picked this up at a curious shop at the height of the Himalayas.” Taken aback, she examined the box, “A puzzle?” she scoffed. “How is a puzzle a vacation?” “Ah… good question,” the man answered with a touch of glee in his voice. “This is no ordinary puzzle. This puzzle has magical properties. It will transport you to the height of a celestial New Year’s celebration where children gather to partake of the Grand Goldfish Procession.”


“Whisk You Away to a Magical World, Opening Your Dreams Like a Flag Unfurled”

She examined the image on the box more closely… “Flow of Goldfish?” she said. Somehow it did seem to lighten her mood a bit. All those bright colors in a vividly detailed setting; she’d never seen anything like it before. She then started to hear the sounds of a grand celebration, the figures in the image began to move, and the rain outside had stopped only to be replaced by a bright clear starry night filled with a steady stream of ethereal goldfish.


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