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Can you keep me updated on any new puzzles you’re offering?

Sure! Just sign up for our newsletter and you will receive periodic news and new product releases.

I clicked the ‘Add to Cart’ button, nothing happens!

Unless it’s an item we currently have in stock nothing will happen. See Notify me when available!

My puzzle is damaged/ defective? Can I return it?

If your puzzle is damaged or defective, please use the ‘Contact Us’ form to describe the issue so that we may resolve it as quickly as possible. You may also email us at pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com

Is your puzzle art copyrighted?

All of our puzzle art is copyright protected. Playing Grounded, Ltd. owns the puzzle manufacturing and marketing rights to this artwork. No artwork, characters or intellectual property of Playing Grounded, Ltd. may be replicated without written legal consent from Playing Grounded, Ltd. and its affiliated artists. All Black Bullet artwork is owned by KADOKAWA ASCII Media Works. Playing Grounded, Ltd. reserves the rights to use Black Bullet light novel #3 cover art for its puzzles and puzzle marketing materials.

In short, what Playing Grounded, Ltd. does is completely legal. Please do not steal from us or our affiliated artists.

Can I submit my artwork to you to have puzzles made?

We are always open to reviewing new art that we feel is “puzzle-worthy.” Even if we do not agree to produce puzzles with your artwork, we are open to collaborative ventures. To inquire about an art submission, please fill out our “Contact Us” form or email us at pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. We will only accept submissions from the original artist or his/her agent. DO NOT submit artwork that you do not hold the exclusive rights to. We will not be responsible for any copyright infringement.
  2. We consider our puzzle art to be in “good taste.” We will not review artwork that can be considered to be violent, pornographic or sexually suggestive. Please use discretion when submitting your artwork.

I see a signature across some of the images, will that be on the puzzle?

No, the signature is to protect the intellectual property of the artist, photographer or corporation against unauthorized use. There will be small but defined copyrights and registered signatures in the bottom portion of the left and right hand corners of the puzzles, but designed specifically not affect the ascetics of the image in anyway.

I love your company mascot? Did you design it?

Thank you! We love him, too. Our company mascot’s name is ‘Squeaks,’ and his adorable companion is ‘Mews.’ We devised the concept and design of both characters, but our graphic artist is responsible for the finished product.

Do you have merchandise with your company mascot?

We would love to make merchandise with both ‘Squeaks’ and ‘Mews’. We are open to suggestions. Let us know what kind of merchandise you’d like to see by filling out our ‘Contact Us’ form or emailing us at pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com

Do you sell wholesale?

Yes.  If you are a retailer or distributor, please fill out our ‘Contact Us’ form or email us at pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com. Please tell us about your store(s) and what quantity you’re interest in.

Still have questions? Just fill out the ‘Contact Us’ form or email us at pgpuzzles.contact@gmail.com, and we’ll get back to you promptly.