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Christmas, a Puzzle Lover’s Journey in Pieces

December 15, 2016 Christmas, Creativity

“Christmas, a Puzzle Lover’s Journey in Pieces”

“What Christmas was, is, and what will it become”

Well, here it is my Christmas blog… Yes, I say Christmas not Happy Holidays. For a change I’ll be colorful and possibly offensive, for those that could possibly be offended. “To thine own self be true”.

Christmas Past:

As I sit listening to Perry Como and a long list of our favorite classic Christmas crooners, I’m reminded of how Christmas was a season of joy and goodwill. The story of the first Christmas and baby Jesus was riddled throughout many songs and was seen as part of the common good for all people.

Now, I’m not saying everything was perfect, but people generally felt good, had good thoughts and did good deeds. They hoped, prayed, and believed. Ignorant? Possibly, but ignorance can be bliss and get you through seemingly impossible times.


“The Night Before Christmas”

I’m reminded of that as I sit here working on a puzzle called, simply enough, “The Night Before Christmas,” where we see people gathering together on a wonderful wintry Christmas Eve night, beautifully illustrated by Bill Bell.

I love everything about this image except that it’s missing a piece = ) If I could pack my bags, transport myself back in time and move into this sleepy little farming village, I’d do so in a minute. This puzzle, like this life may have been challenging, difficult at times, but certainly worthwhile and rewarding.

Christmas Present:

Christmas present? This is an oxymoron in and of itself, as the wise and prophetic “Kris Kringle” portrayed by “Edmund Gwenn” in the classic “Miracle On 34th St” had predicted. Christmas has been removed, but the present still exists, and what has the present resulted in? A very pale package wrapped in a bow, followed by a lifeless lump piece of coal in the statement “Happy Holidays”.

It’s not that Happy Holidays is not a warm gesture; but it’s forced and lacks feeling. “Obligatory” covers it, I think, because people are not happy, not hopeful, nor do they believe. With the rise of the unbelieving you can see how this might happen. If you leave Christmas out of the present, you’ll be left with a deeply diluted solution; a water downed substitute.


“Christmas isn’t a day, it’s a frame of mind”

 Christmas Future:

What will become of Christmas? Will Santa be replaced by some gender neutral bionic being from another world in spangled spandex sporting a rainbow fro, a long flowing cape and knee high boots, driving a team of pink flamingo like birds shouting (literally), “____insert your holiday here ____?”

Wow! You’re thinking that sounds pretty ridiculous! And you’d be right. We weren’t brought up to think this way? So what happened? My guess is somehow we lost our identity behind a wall of confusion. Letting politics and social stigma dictate how we should believe without offending anyone, funny how this separates people even further rather than bring them together.

My hope is that a good hard whack in the forehead (figuratively speaking = ) will bring us back to our senses. Christmas will become Christmas once again, regardless of whichever holiday you choose to associate yourself with.

Quoting Kris Kringle again, “Christmas is not a just a day, it’s a frame of mind.” It also represents the time when love, hope and faith entered this cold cruel world.


“Hearts are glowing as it is snowing”

In closing, as we return to this magical scene of folks coming together around the town’s dazzlingly decorated centerpiece in the frosty air, way… up above “shines a star dancing in the night with a tail as big as kite.

If I’ve managed to offend some of you, I’m not sorry, because I’m not ashamed of my beliefs, my dis-functionality, and most of all, my desire to be simple and ignorant and enjoy the pleasure of the Christmas season and the magic it contains, if only in my mind. I hope you’re able to achieve this too, perhaps a Christmas puzzle? = )

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Blessed New Year!

I take full responsibility for this post, so if you think Lara went off her rocker? Relax, it’s the naughty boy on the list this time.

Written by Eric Andersen

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