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You Call that Art?? The Serious Subject of being Subjective

January 4, 2017 Uncategorized

You Call that Art?? The Serious Subject of being Subjective

“You Call that Art??”

Let’s face it, there is no way around it, we live in a socialized network world. We want to be heard, liked, and appreciated, and that goes for the plethora of opinions and interests we feel strongly about.

With so many talented, ahem… artists, authors, musicians, and entertainers out there, there is a veritable treasure trove (or fodder for cattle) of things to grab our attention; things that we will either love, be indifferent to, “meh,” or have complete disdain for.



“You Call That Art!!??”

Sticks or Stones, Rubber or Glue, Whatever Matters to You!!

Let’s look at art, for example, with so many different mediums and genres to explore. We have the Renaissance, Traditional, Folk, Modern, Contemporary, and the list goes on.

Let’s use Modern art. Someone might say that they “love” this painting, with its abundance of squiggly lines or scribbles with a few paint blobs thrown in. They might remark that, “It’s so freeing. It speaks to me!” While at the same moment someone else might comment, “Looks like the mural my 3 year old did behind the couch,” or “…something that the cat conveniently threw up!”

Some describe photos or art depicting naked or scantily clad people as uninhibited, provocative, and exciting, where others might use the words “pervy” or “trash!” The words ‘traditional art’ might mean old and outdated to one person or nostalgic and warm-hearted to another. You get the idea.

 Just like Seeds in the Wind

The best practice is to except that it’s there and move toward it or away from it. If you find someone who shares your taste you have reached common ground or have found your audience or market you’re looking to penetrate.

If you don’t like it, stick to what you do like and let others decide for themselves whether they agree with you or not. But scattering your opinions to the wind, like seeds, yields very little actual growth and a lot of dead seeds.

 Planting on a Solid Foundation

So all this being said, we hope you are liking and or loving the direction that Playing Grounded Puzzles is heading towards. If you don’t there are many other directions for you to follow.

But rest assured, we are about planting seeds firmly in the ground and not like so many to the wind.

What do you think so far of our posts?  Any particular topic you would like us to write about? Thoughts or comments you would like to share?


Written by Eric Andersen

Edited by Lara Andersen

Art provided by Phelonius Fuddlemuddle and Shudderstock

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