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Photos from printed test box.
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New Art/Artist

Introducing the newest edition to our anime art puzzle collection: Spring in Sakuragaoka by animation and background artist, AYMRC. This beautifully painted image caught our attention immediately, eliciting feelings of nostalgia reminiscent of childhood exploration; the discovery of something new and being transfixed by it, wanting to know more. We’ve all had those moments of discovery when our little worlds were changed forever.

Originally from France, AYMRC (aka Aymeric Kevin) is best known for his work as the visual development artist and background director for the cult classic anime series Space☆Dandy-from the creator of Cowboy Bebop, Shinichirō Watanabe -the hugely popular Cartoon Network series Adventure Time and the award winning Ping Pong the Animation.


Our Puzzles

Now in Stock – Limited Edition Flow of Goldfish 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle:

Here is your ticket to escape to a magical world with our Flow of Goldfish jigsaw puzzle by anime artist Fuzichoco. When you arrive, you will find yourself amidst a New Year’s Celebration. Shop here!


Now in Stock – Limited Edition Altar in the Forest 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle:

In this enchanted forest shrine jigsaw puzzle, titled Altar in the Forest by anime artist Fuzichoco, we find ourselves at a Shinto shrine, nestled deep among vast and ancient woodland of monolithic trees. Shop here!


Now in Stock – Limited Edition Dragon King’s Daughter 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle:

In our Dragon King’s Daughter jigsaw puzzle by anime artist Fuzichoco, we find ourselves in the underwater palace of the Nāga King, Sāgara, one of the eight dragon kings.Longnü the daughter of Sāgara, was said to have attained the profound secret treasures of the Buddhas and had perfect wisdom, enlightenment and compassion for all sentient beings. Shop here!

Our Commitment

From the moment you hold a Playing Grounded puzzle box in your hands you’ll feel the difference. From the quality of our boxes, to the perfect fit of our pieces, we want your experience with our puzzles to leave memorable moments.



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